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Apex Adjusting Group, Houston Public Adjusters can help when disasters such as flood or fire cause property damage in Houston, TX. Managing a property insurance claims can become extremely complex, often requiring the insight of an expert such as a public insurance adjuster. Proving your loss can add months to a settlement; making recovery an excruciating process.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters who look out for the insurance company’s best interest. The stress of receiving proper compensation for losses and damages falls on the policyholders shoulders. Have no fear, Apex Adjusting Group is here to help!

We manage and settle Houston, TX, property insurance claims with fierce advocacy; providing a quick, fair and equitable insurance settlement. Our mission is to ensure that you are restored back to normal with the peace of mind that we have got your back!

Common Property Damage In Houston TX

Oakland Public Adjusters For Property Damage Claims | Apex Adjusting Group

Fire/Smoke Damage 

Fires are devastating losses, whether to your home or business. Even if everyone gets out safely, an overwhelming task of managing a fire damage property insurance claim is added to your to-do list. At Apex Adjusting Group, our expert team of Insurance Claim Specialists are here to help you recover from the aftermath. We work very closely with the top vendors in our industry to ensure that your home and its contents will be restored properly.
Water Damage Public Adjusters in San Jose | Apex Adjusting Group, Claims,

Water/Flood Damage

Water damage in Houston TX can be a complicated and disastrous situation. Internal plumbing structures are often complex, that when a burst occurs, you may not notice until it’s too late. Other unexpected water damage sources such, dishwashers, and refrigerator water lines can take you by surprise! When these plumbing disasters surface, you need to act fast. Apex Adjusting Group in Oakland will give you the immediate attention your property deserves.
Wind Damage Public Adjusters in San Jose | Apex Adjusting Group

Wind/Rain Damage 

In the insurance world, wind driven rain refers to rain that comes through an opening because it is being propelled by the wind. So if wind was out of the equation, the water would never have made it in the house in the first place. When a storm damages your home, it’s typically wind and rain that cause most of the damage. If the wind and rain cause damage on their own, then this is typically covered on your home insurance policy.
Hail Damage Public Adjusters | Apex Adjusting Group

Hail Damage 

Both severe winds and hail have the potential to cause significant damage to properties, not only exterior damage, but interior damage as well. These conditions can wear away the protective layers of the roofing system and begin to allow rain waters to enter the structure, compromising the interior, and everything within.
Vandalism Damage Claim Public Adjusters | Apex Adjusting Group


One element that is constant when theft, vandalism or riots occur is that property owners feel violated, and unsafe. Property damage can present itself in unexpected forms. At Apex Adjusting Group we help guide you through the entire claims process and do our best to maximize your payouts. Whether it’s a vandalism or theft claim you are filing with your insurance company, our goal is to help get you the reimbursement you deserve.


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