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Enduring substantial property damage is a traumatic event. When disaster strikes, understanding your options is critical. Familiarize yourself with the resources at your disposal to assist with your insurance claim. A public adjuster is instrumental in securing the settlement you're entitled to. At Apex Adjusting Group, we pilot the process and champion your cause — each and every step of the way.

The vast majority of people have never heard of a Public Adjuster, and don’t even know that their crucial role in the insurance industry exists.

A public adjuster is a state licensed insurance professional that specializes in managing every aspect of an insurance claim on the behalf of the policyholder (claimant, or insured). Public insurance adjusters provide services of negotiating or “adjusting” insurance claims.

A public insurance adjuster is someone who is hired to represent the financial interests of the person or entity who is insured by the policy. A public adjuster works for you – not your insurance company. Public adjusters use their experience and expertise in the insurance industry to ensure a claim is properly handled and achieves a fair outcome, while also working to successfully maximize the compensation.

At Apex Adjusting Group, we handle the entire claim process so you can focus on yourself, your family and your work — and get you more money than you would get by yourself.

There are many different ways that a public adjuster can charge fees for their services. They could charge a flat rate, an hourly rate, or quite commonly, contingency fees. You should always remember to settle a fee rate and way of payment with your public adjuster before you enter into any agreements. They should tell you upfront what their rate is and which method they use, this should also be added into your signed contract with the public adjuster. Fees for public adjusters are regulated on the state level and many states have rules and restrictions on when, how much, and the methods allowed, for public adjuster fees charged.

Utilizing a public adjuster for your insurance claim may prove to be highly useful depending on your current situation. If you wish to dispute your insurance adjusters’ evaluation, public claim adjusters can help you gather data and proof that you need more to restore your insured property to its previous condition. It may also be beneficial to hire a public adjuster if you are facing extensive damage or a difficult claim. By condensing all of the resources needed to effectively repair your home and file your claim into one service, our licensed public adjusters simplify the process. 

After experiencing any sort of disaster people tend to be traumatized and emotional, and this is the worst time for them to start filling out insurance claims and loss forms. Typically insurance companies require you to place a claim as soon as possible after the incident has occurred; people are still shaken and stressed and this can result in forms being filled out incorrectly, or the wrong information on the disaster being given. All of this has a bearing on the outcome of the insurance claim, and it could significantly lower any compensation given out to the policyholder.

To avoid the hassle and the potential mistakes a good deal of business owners and homeowners hire public adjusters to deal with their insurance claims. Not only does it alleviate the stress of the situation, it also gives the homeowner peace of mind knowing that the insurance claim will be handled with a professional looking out for their best interest.


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